from not knowing a single word to fluency

using the latest language acquisition

native speaking online language tutors

BLC is one of the few institutes in the world offering Bengali online and in-person as a foreign language in an immersion environment for international students, researchers, scholars, diplomats, the international business community, and anyone interested in learning Bengali language.

What We Do

We teach it here in Sylhet, the capital of Sylhet Division, Bangladesh. Our School can take you from not knowing a single word to fluency. Since 2002, we have experience with many of students that have achieved fluency and have gone on to use the language in very practical ways. We use practical exercises to help you move towards fluency. These involve the latest linguistic research and techniques Take the plunge, come to Sylhet for a few months and overcome the obstetricals that are standing between you and fluency in Bengali.

Our Service

Online Classes

Our Online Classes are done using video messaging software via the Internet. Our live video classes are unique and flexible for adults and children. Our experienced coaches will help tailor your language experience to your language needs and interests. With a flexible timetable we attempt to offer you your best time and days of the week. With an extensive range of lesson topics and a variety of language tutors, you can study the way you want to achieve your personal goals. Read more

In-Person Lessons

Learning a language where it is widely spoken is called language immersion. This is the best way to advance in language. Online classes are excellent but the extra resources of many native speakers living in their own land and are not mixing their language with English, or some other language of the place where they reside, help the language learner advance outside of the classroom.

Students Review

Fran Floris

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I have been on my Syloti learning journey with the Syloti Language Center for over 1 and a half years now and I could not recommend it more. I find the style of learning to be really effective, with constant repetition and the use of images, similar to the way a child naturally learns a language. My teacher is brilliant and its a joy to learn about Sylot and Bangladesh from her, and I look forward to speaking to her every week. I learn via Zoom virtually and was their first virtual student and its been brilliant. Looking back its incredible how well the team adapted their lessons to be deliverable virtually. One initial concern we both had was of poor connection or technical issues but we have rarely experienced technical difficulties, and if the power does go out it doesn’t take long at all for the generator to kick in. Incredible value for money and brilliant to be able to learn from experienced teachers directly from Sylhet.

Inger Cicilie

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

You are a school with a great method for learning language! I think that five persons in one group are working in the beginning, but after a while when you we starts talking it gets more difficult in my opnion. (Also because we hear so many different ways to say the word.) I like the system on how to review the classes the day after, 3 days after and so on, but we all found the review sheets difficult to understand and we would need a lot of sheets after a while so we never used thos sheets (we made one sheet for it all instead). Tulip and Farzana have both done a great job and is very patiant teachers! If I get any more thoughts on what is good or what can be done better I will let you know. Thanks

Chantelle McIver

Positive: Communication, Quality

We took 6 months of language classes at this school for one of the local languages and I was really happy with the organization of the structured classes, the materials provided, and the communications with the office. While internet was sometimes an issue during classes (isnt that the case all over the World!) they were quick to reschedule and quite flexible. I really recommend this place and their classes, whether online or in person, to help you learn a local language!

Destiny Associates

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

They have created a language learning experience and perfected the GPA system that is unsurpassed. Even at higher prices it would be worth it, If one really wants to learn a language.

Timmy McCoy

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I have been studying in this Institute for a long time and definitely love the environment and the professionalism that SLC offer to their students. Awesome teacher, very friendly staff, and super cool director. I meet a good friends here and enjoy activities that provided. The Institute is a good place to learn Sylhety Language. Highly recommended!😍

Eric Lavoie

Positive: Communication, Quality

This is a great school that implements the GPA style of language learning which for long term acquisition and fluency is the best program you can use. Their staff is well equipped to handle any situation and is very helpful with cultural customs. Our teacher's Tulip and Farzana were so gracious to us with all of our time differences and scheduling changes I can't recommend them enough! Thanks

Schyler Lavoie

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

DA has a wonderful program for long-term language learning. The GPA format is easy to follow and every lesson builds on itself, which makes the language learning process less intimidating. The best part about the school is the staff. Farzana and Tulip have been super helpful & accommodating in our classes and have been patient through internet trouble, a large class, and schedule changes. We appreciate their flexibility and patience during our language learning. Thanks

Maggie Wheeler

Positive: Communication, Quality

What's gone well: The video recordings are really helpful. Tulip is very encouraging and patient. We are learning a lot of vocabulary. It's been very accommodating and flexible! Thanks,

An interview with Greg Thomson, the creator of this approach

GPA:Growing Participator Approach

Language Teaching Method

Phase One
150 Hours

  1. Connecting
  2. Divided into 2 parts
  3. Here and Now

Phase Two
200 Hours

  1. Emerging
  2. Divided into 3 parts
  3. Using Pictures

Phase Three
200 Hours

  1. Knowable
  2. One part
  3. Understanding Stories

Phase Four
500 Hours

  1. Deep personal Relationship
  2. Deep Life Sharing

Phase Five
500 Hours

  1. Widening Understanding
  2. Native to Native Communication